Monday, June 26, 2017

I said Yes

Such a beautiful moment, how can I not blog about it right? As many of you know I'm finally ENGAGED to this wonderful man, my trusted confidante, my forever cheerleader!

Bernard actually proposed a month ago you see... and this was how it went down.

I was expecting the everlasting rose in our room already so I wasn't really in a rush to see it cos I knew it was there. But when I saw it, i saw the ring in the jar, on the rose. THE RING. And as oblivious and gong as I was , I went, "Oh, what's this ring for? You buy rose they give you for free ah?"
Can someone facepalm me right now.

" NO! It's a proposal ring ok, I customise from scratch one you know?"

Me being me, " Oh is it?" And continued to try it on my ring hand. Struggling to fit it in, he went " Hello engagement ring is on your right hand one ok" and then he put it on for me.

"But, I don't even like pink.."

It took me a good few minutes and even instastorying it down that he was FOR REAL.


Hahahaha fuck me right? The next morning I still asked, " Dear you really proposing is it?"
Him, " You want or don't want?"

Okay la not that I don't love the ring, pink just isn't my colour. But, I got used to it and I love it now! I even changed my nails from red to pink ok!

Back then, no one really knew except some. In fact I was very confused. Am I engaged now? Was that really going to be his proposal? I thought long and hard and decided, you know let's just do a simple shoot so we can announce it to everyone. No surprises needed, no hassle, fuss free.

So eventually we did plan to have a photoshoot during our batam trip since Bryan was there and we kinda had an idea of what to do.

A month later, Batam came and I wasn't really expecting anything. Just worrying if he could wake up for the sunrise. Lol. So we spent last evening singing karaoke and drinking and then half the group said they were going up first to rest. So OK LOR LEAVE LOR.

When it was our turn to go back to our room, all I could think was " ok time to play Pictureaka and get more beer, hopefully the rest wouldn't die and join us"

We opened the room and I saw lights.. like white Christmas lights.  I'm like OMG. And then I saw everyone else hiding behind the bed. OMG I CAN'T EVEN. I was so shocked I ended up laughing cos... natural reflex for me to do when I'm stunned is to laugh heh.
Anyway, thank you to those who have been planning this the whole time, and for those who were roped in last minute. Thank you to My, not boyfriend, fiancé. I got my pictures and I'm extremely elated. To many more beautiful moments with you my love.
Love always, S.

Friday, June 2, 2017

#bernXsnow turns 2!

They say time flies when you're having a good time so I'm pretty sure whoever said that was spot on cos... it's our 2nd anniversary! Ok I know it sounds very lame but wow.. 2 years.

When I reminisce of the time we met and started seeing each other, and compare it to what we are now as a 'seasoned' couple, I'm glad to say none of the good stuff has changed.

You've taught me so many things on top of the matters I already knew how to deal with.  You gave me personal space and time to do what I like and meet whoever I want to meet. You try to do what I like to do such as watching Korean dramas and animations.

I'm very grateful that you agreed to write the letters with me. I know it's not your thing, just like how you don't even know how to wrap presents but you attempt to.

And now here we are, spending two years as a couple in Incredible INDIA. Somewhere you yourself, never thought you'd visit.
I can only be grateful and thankful to God and Guanyinma for letting me get to know you better day by day. I love you B!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hello Double Eyelids! ( Double Suture and Twist procedure at MeClinic JB)

Hey hey hey!

For those who didn't already know, I wrapped up 2016 with one of the best decisions I  have ever made and went through with my double eyelid procedure! I KNOW RIGHT. I have been going on and on about getting them done since 2014, or since I started wearing make up, or since I started pageantry, or since I just became more vain and self conscious of my appearances. Hurhurhur.

Many have told me:
"You look fine with single eyelids!"
"You can always use tape and lashes"
"God made you the way you are, embrace it!"
"It's gonna hurt and take forever to recover!"

I guess there are a few reasons why I have decided to get into B's car and drive pass the causeway, deal with the jam, and finally get it done. Managed to dig up some old and not so gold photos so just bear with it. These photos date back to as far as 2010.

1. I look tired as hell all the time. E.g.:
Circa 2010 where alcohol mattered more than my appearances. But yeah you get what I mean? Sleepy eyes, tired eyes, honestly I was just drinking juice in that photo but I already look drunk.
I can't seem to find any other picture of me without eyeliner so this would have to do.
And then 2016 happened, I had to take a photo of my mono lids for memory sake a day before my procedure. Even this had me wearing a bit of eyeliner. Cos you know, insecurities were seeping through. (Just realised how white I look, geisha feels much?)

2. I'm so, so, SOOOO DONE with eyelid tapes and false lashes. Getting them off is a hassle, my eyelids still feels gummy after I wash the tapes and glue off. I wear big lashes not only cos they are pretty but mainly because the stem helps me get the double eyelid effect. I don't know how but it just works that way for me. Using 'natural' falsies doesn't work. So it's really go big or go home (and don't bother going out). I'm sooooo done with thick eyeliner too. I just grew extremely sick and tired of going through the daily hassle! Let's look back at some photos.

3. It is NOT surgery. That's probably the biggest factor in persuading myself to get it done. 
Everyone was like :

Bruh, can don't so kancheong anot.
Double Suture and Twist (DST)  is a NON-INCISIONAL procedure. That means no knives, no heavy bleeding, no crazy bruising, and relatively low downtime! If you look at the images below, it's just three tiny puncture on your lids and threads, threads, and more threads!

From Me Aesthetic Clinic's website
"The surgeon first makes 3 small punctures on the upper eyelid of each eye. Then, using a specific twisting technique, two sutures are passed through those punctures and twisted around each other four to five times. After minimal suturing, the double sutures are tied together to create a fold on the upper eyelid. The result of this procedure is that when the patient opens his or her eyes, the underbelly of the skin is pulled inwards, resulting in a natural looking crease.
Although a quick and often less painful method to obtaining double eyelids, non-incisional procedures are said to be less effective when compared to incisional ones, owing to its high suture breakage rate and results that can fade over time. However, studies have shown DST to be both a safe and durable procedure, with results lasting about five years or more. Besides that, the results are also reversible in case patients change their minds.

Furthermore, downtime for the patient is also shorter than incisional double eyelid surgeries which usually require a longer period swelling. Because of its twist technique, it takes on average seven days for recovery with DST for most patients."
My Experience at Me Aesthetic Clinic
Pre- appointment.
Me Aesthetic Clinic has two outlets, one in Kuala Lumpur and another in Johor Bahru which they just opened! Manager Jenni was super sweet and patient with me. We actually started conversing since September but due to work commitments I could only agree to an appointment on the 16th of December. That's 3 months of waiting for me to sort my schedule out! But her patience and commitment to me ensured me that this clinic is to be trusted because they don't give up on a client that easily.
Getting there.
Ok so B drove us into JB and by google map's estimation it's around 30 mins from Tuas Checkpoint/ WOodlands checkpoint so teachnically it's not extremely far. BUT beware of the jam omg. I don't even know where to start! The jam into the checkpoint on Singapore side was crayyyyyyyy. I nearly died in the car cos i was so restless. We left home at 10am and we reached the MeClinic JB at...2pm??? I.K.R so please do plan your way in wayyyyyy before your appointment. It's really no joke.
Finally at MeClinic JB branch.
Located in the heart of modern shophouses filled with eateries and salons, I actually felt quite safe considering I have a fear of JB, something I never understood myself. The clinic was spacious and brightly lit, and the staff were extremely courteous and helpful. Despite being 4 hours late for my appointment, Doctor David still agreed to see me for my procedure! Jenni and Dr David both briefed me about the procedure and what to do and what not to do post procedure.
During the procedure
Here's the scary bit. The DST procedure itself doesn't hurt because there is local anesthesia that will be injected onto your eyelids and under your eyelids. BUT  the anesthesia jab hurts like #@%@$%##. I won't deny that it hurt so badly because my tolerance for pain isn't high to begin with so I was pretty much crying during the injections cos I was given a total of 16 jabs, 8 on each eye, 3 on the lids, and 3 under the lids.By the time they are done with my right eye and moving on to the left, I think I was very scared of the injections so I actually flinched when my left eye took the jabs WHICH I REGRET NOW COS I HAVE A BRUISE FOR FLINCHING.

I mean, you just got to tahan the injection lor. Dr David and the two assistants were assuring me the whole time, and the two assistants both took my hands and rubbed them cos i think I started freezing up. I was so shocked la please. 
Post DST procedure
The clinic assistants escorted me to the resting room where they let me rest with an ice pack for a while. Afterwards they gave me my medications and briefed me again about the do's and don't. Jenni gave me a hug for being brave LOLOLOL. I think she was just as shocked as I was from my crying..
Right after I woke up the next day as shown as above. Couldn't wear my contacts yet! Subsequently, in the next few days I slowly wore light eye make up and then contacts. By Day 4 I was back to work and by Day 10 I could go for eyelash extensions!
Below: This beauty shot was taken around a week after the DST procedure. I think it's quite apparent that my left eye had a huge range crease and it was still bruised. 
Below: 2 months post DST with no eye make up.
As you can see, 2 months later all swelling has subsided! Also, the left eye'surgery higher crease went down significantly after Dr. David flipped my eyelids when I went back for review. He explained that during the healing process, the sutures would heal in place with the muscles. By flipping my eyelids, it would be stretching the sutures and letting them bounce back into place so that it would look look as high as when it was recovering.

Am I happy now?
Like super-dee-duper? I'm elated and relieved. No more extra time wasted on dolling up, no more money wasted on eyelid tapes, no more fussing if my falsies are in place, and no more boyfriend making fun that I don't look like me without make up either!

Here's the good news for you! If you mention my ig name ' nadineodelia ' or show the clinic receptionist any of my posts regarding DST and MeClinic, you get a free consultation worth 50rm. 

Cost of DST procedure: 4800RM or 1600SGD
Point of contact:📞 JB~607-554 0518/📨WhatsApp +6018-231 8122
Address: MeClinic JB. Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor Malaysia

I regret nothing and I'm sure you won't either ♡


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hello 2k17 and good riddance 2k16

Another year down. Gosh, can time pass any faster than this?

2016 has been by far the craziest year ever. Probably the most jialat rollercoaster ride I have ever been on too. There were so many amazing moments and wonderful times and then there are those bloody moments I'd sometimes ask God 'Why me?'.

Few things I'll just take away from 2016:

1. I will win some
I am extremely thankful for my wins this year. The friendships, experiences, opportunities, and guidance money can never buy.
I step foot into China, India, and Japan. I found a group of girls I can finally hang out with. And I finally did my cosmetic enhancements! Waking up beautiful in 2017 had come true!
I tried my best to plant my seeds with love and I'm glad they grew well.
2. I will lose some
One of the toughest part of 2016 was losing something close to me. Something that I can't speak of and something I best not speak of. Plus minus the relationships I felt like I did try to salvage and the money that I could have spent more wisely.

3. I can learn and adapt.
Remember in May when I felt like I was drowning in changes? I survived. Like duh. I'm amazed how I could learn still cos I thought I wouldn't be able to pull through. I'm pretty excited to take on new challenges this 2017.

4. Health > ANYTHING
Nuff' said.

I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? Omg pls I said this like 5 times in 2016 already. *rolls eyes*
2017, you better be good.
2016, I'm so done with you.


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Back on track!

Hi lovelies!

I'm finally feeling wayyyyyyyyyy better than before and can proudly say I'm back on track with life. This year has been cray cray to be honest. I figured it's time to get back to blogging more frequently as well. Been spending the past two months doing things that I enjoy, and spending time with the people I love. Also feeling extremely blessed with all the opportunities for myself to grow with the concept of ' Eat, Pray, Love'. Perhaps eating a bit too much and you can throw in a 'Drunk' in the middle somewhere.
Was super stoked to be invited for It's The Ship 2016. 4 day cruise which includes free flow of food, non-stop raving, and a day trip to Penang. Unfortunately I had to leave the boyfriend back home because, sorry honey, I only got one ticket. He probably wouldn't enjoy it anyway cos he is anti-party and anti-alcohol. He probably would have spent money at the casino which. by the way, I lost 80 bucks at. Obviously not a winner at baccarat. Huhuhuhu.
Right after I disembarked from the cruise, I was whisked off on a plane to Bali to spend a few days of QT with my Mister. Thanks to Godpa for letting us use his villa, we pretty much didn't have to worry about anything throughout out trip, plus minus Mother Nature bugging us out from all directions.
Returned back to sunny Singapore just in time to celebrate my 24th birthday. GOSH I AM OLD. But still bearable because it's the first time I got a customized birthday cake from Bakellerina!
 Also, I got to meet an alpaca.  A baby alpaca of 3 months to be exact.
Although this road to recovery wasn't easy, I'm glad I figured it out along the way and had the support of those whom really cared. I'm glad that through adversities, I did not crumble. I'm glad that I can look at my scars and say, 'hey, it's okay now'.

Ok will not drown you all in sorrow no more! Better news is that I have finally done my Double suture and twist procedure, aka, DST, to achieve me double eyelids! Will be blogging about it in my next post if I don't have daily rambles. Day one of recovery starts right now. xx


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The worst kind of sorrow is when you can only grief the loss of what you almost had but lost.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

I feel like I've aged over the past few days.

The feeling of weariness has never been this strong for as long as I've understood the concept of difficulty.

I know I've been making a lot of my loved ones worry and for that, I'm sincerely sorry. Just give me more time to settle my heart, sort my feelings, and come to terms with whatever that is going on, and I promise that I will open up to you all sooner or later.

I hate doing this too you know, beating around the bush here and there.. But it's not something I can directly say nor is it something I can bring myself to say either.